Dear Friends,

What is involved in becoming a member? On one hand, it is your signature at the bottom of the covenant and a pledge to take an active role in the development of our new church. Yet on the other, it is a much more meaningful commitment. This is a covenant, a formal and solemn agreement, and a promise for action. We are asking you to carefully read the words of the covenant and then take it to prayer. By becoming a member of Capistrano Community Church, you will be part of a growing church body, part of a caring group of committed Christians. You will be part of a new family. And by signing the Membership Covenant you will be making a commitment to do three things; keep unity in the church, support the church and commit to the ongoing ministry of the church.

In making a decision to sign this covenant, if you were a prior member of Rancho Capistrano, your membership will be transferred to our new church. If you were not a member before, by becoming a new member we ask that you attend “new member classes”. During these sessions you will join others in learning more about our church, our denomination and being a follower of Jesus Christ.

You may have questions and you may want to spend more time considering this commitment. I am always available to discuss this further with you at your convenience. I would welcome the opportunity to meet with you. We will welcome new members on an ongoing basis.

In Christ,


Pastor Jim Glynn and Pastor Cheryl Anderson